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Healthy Sugar Free
We offer a variety of healthy breads, cakes and cookies, such as sugar free cream cakes, trans-fat free cookies
本店為迎合健美纖體潮流, 所有鮮忌廉蛋糕西點, 已採用無糖植脂忌廉. 更推出多款無反式脂肪製曲奇以供選擇.

Wedding Cakes
Adding pleasant surprise and joy to your happiest moment. We will bring you a unique and special wedding cake for your celebration.
兩人開始綈做美好時刻, 結婚蛋糕唔少得. 送貨擺設, 由我們師傅代勞.

Special 3D Cakes
Digital images printed with edible ink offer you a unique and special cake with full of pleasant surprise.
本店採用先進數碼影像技術, 配合美國進口食用墨印製科技, 為你提供多元化蛋糕設計, 帶給你無限驚喜.

Special Cakes
We strive to provide personalise services, innovative designs, to satisfy your needs for your special events.
為滿足顧客不同節日活動要求, 我們致力創新, 提供個人化,多元化設計服務, 增添節日喜悅.

Uncle David's Bakery
offers you a collection of fine continental bread and pastries.
We constantly maintain an optimum standard of our products.

Bon appetit !