Order arrangement 

  • All orders will be allocated in priority.
  • The order goods are expected to arrive in Hong Kong from 7 to 21 days. 
  • Some products need to be ordered for more than 14 days. It may take 30 days possibility. It depends on the shipment situation in Korea. Please understand.

Out of stock arrangement 

  • After Korea confirms that the stock is out of stock, we will notify the customer by phone (WhatsApp) as soon as possible. 
  • Guests can choose to refund, exchange, or leave the balance. 
  • If you have chosen to keep the balance, the next purchase must also be deducted by telephone transaction.

Shipping arrangements 

  • We are only limited to Hong Kong local delivery service. All goods are shipped by SF Express. 
  • The goods have been checked for integrity before shipping.
  • If all the goods are damaged or deformed after delivery, the customer assumes responsibility for loss and damage.

Free shipping conditions 

  • All guests can free SF shipping if they spend $800 on a single purchase.
  • Free shipping only includes SF Station or EF locker. For other commercial and private residential addresses, the guest must assume responsibility for the freight charge. 

Self-pickup and inventory

  • Pick-up Time is from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day (Special circumstances will be announced on Instagram).
  • The fastest pickup time will be 6 pm on the same day after receiving the notification.
  • Self pick up customers must pick up the goods at the store within 2 weeks after the delivery is notified. If it is overdue, an additional due will be charged. Additional inventory fee costs $10 per day.

VIP guest terms 

  • You can become a VIP with the first purchase of $1000 or more at the member price 
  • VIP membership is permanent 
  • VIP membership cannot be transferred or resold 

VIP discount terms 

  • VIP shopping in the store must show the membership card to have the membership price 
  • After becoming a VIP, you will get a stamp for every $200 purchase

(You can get 5 stamps after spending over $1000) 

Does not include the first purchase 

Get a $50 coupon if you spend ten stamps 

  • Discount coupons must be used in stores with a purchase of over $500 
  • Any loss or damage will not be reissued 

Promotion rules 

  • VIP discount coupons must be used in stores when you spent over $500 
  • Discount code is only applicable to web orders 

WHATSAPP customer service inquiry service 

  • Pre-sales online inquiry: +852 56880288 

(Service time: Monday to Sunday 2:00pm-10:00pm) 

  • After-sales online inquiry: +852 56880218 

(Service time: limited service only ) 


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•部分指定貨品需訂購超過14天 可能需預講30日,直接視乎韓國出貨情況,請客人諒解






•若客人收貨後有嚴重品質問題可聯絡售後查詢電話再作跟進(+852 56880218)






•取貨時間為下午2:00至下午10:00 (特殊情況會在IG公布)






•Discount Code只適用於網頁下單


•售前線上查詢: +852 56880288
•售後線上查詢: +852 56880218

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