Order arrangement 

  • All orders will be allocated in priority.
  • The order goods are expected to arrive in between hour depends on road traffic. 
  • Some products need to be ordered for more than 14 days. It depends on the design.  Please understand.

Refund arrangement 

  • Once order confirmed, there are non-refundable. 

Delivery arrangements 

  • We are only limited to Hong Kong local delivery service. 
  • The goods have been checked for integrity before delivery.
  • If all the goods are damaged or deformed after delivery, the customer assumes responsibility for loss and damage.

Free delivery 

  • Free delivery to Tsuen Wan MTR station from 11am – 5pm (except our factory off day)


  • Pick-up Time is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm every day (Special circumstances will be announced on Instagram).

WHATSAPP customer service inquiry service 

  • Pre-sales online inquiry: +852 66119271 

(Service time: Monday to Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm) 

  • After-sales online inquiry: +852 66119271 

(Service time: limited service only ) 

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•部分指定貨品需訂購超過14天 視乎設計,請客人諒解






•免費送貨到荃灣地鐵站。早上11點至下午5點 (工廠休息除外)


•取貨時間為上午10:00至下午5:00 (特殊情況會在IG公布)


•售前線上查詢: +852 66119271
•售後線上查詢: +852 66119271

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